A look at gun violence in America by the numbers

Click to play video: '93: Gun violence in America by the numbers' 93: Gun violence in America by the numbers
After the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas, Global News' Farah Nasser takes a look at the startling numbers around gun violence in America and the one number that stood out above the rest, 93 – Oct 3, 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump called the Las Vegas shooter a “very, very sick individual.”

He may very well be, but he also had access to guns.  And not just one gun, or two, or 10, but 23.

Officials said 23 weapons were found inside Stephen Paddock’s Las Vegas suite, on top of the thousands of rounds of ammunition also found inside his home.

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Guns with bullets that took 59 people away from their families, leaving kids without moms or dads and forced parents to bury their children, while another 527 people are still trying to recover from their injuries.

All of whom are still, and constantly asking, ‘why?’

Why would any man meticulously plan the murder of dozens of strangers on the Las Vegas strip?

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The “how” we know, but it’s the “why” we are still waiting for.


Of the 325-million people living in the United States, 30 per cent of them own guns.

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America’s gun homicide rate is 25 times higher than any other high-income country and guns kill nearly 1,300 children in the United States each year.

But the number that really puts things into perspective is 93.

Ninety-three people were shot and killed by their own hand or by someone else’s in the U.S. on Sunday, and that doesn’t include the 59 who were shot and killed from a window at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

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Ninety-three Americans are killed every single day. Today, tomorrow, and the next day. Ninety-three mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters – all in a single day.

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All of them taken through the barrel of a gun.

As for the president, when asked about his country’s gun laws, he said that will be a discussion “as time goes by.”

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