Elementary students in Upper Grand fall short of provincial standards in math

EQAO results show elementary students in the Upper Grand District School Board are below the provincial standard in math.
EQAO results show elementary students in the Upper Grand District School Board are below the provincial standard in math. Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press

Test scores released by Ontario’s Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) Wednesday show Grades 3 and 6 students in the Upper Grand District School Board are coming up short of the provincial average in math.

Fifty-eight per cent of Grade 3 students achieved the standard, versus 62 per cent provincially. Only 48 per cent of Grade 6 students met the average, versus 50 per cent provincially.

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“The second year of the Renewed Math Strategy will continue to provide support to all schools, increased support to some schools and intensive support to a few schools,” said the Upper Grand District School Board in a statement.

There was a noticeable difference in the Wellington Catholic District School Board as students in Grade 3 exceeded the average, while Grade 6 students surpassed the provincial average by two percentage points.

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As for reading and writing, Grade 3 and 6 students in both divisions were at or near the provincial average.

“Our Catholic schools are committed to excellence,” said Tamara Nugent, Wellington Catholic’s director of education. “The careful analysis of EQAO data helps us to ‘dig in deep,’ to develop precision, and focus our supports on ensuring the best possible outcomes for each of our students. I remain confident that through the collective efforts of our staff and students we will achieve upward trending in all areas.”

Grade 9 math students exceeding provincial average

The numbers also show Grade 9 academic math students in both boards exceeded the provincial average of 83 per cent.

Both Wellington Catholic and Upper Grand saw 58 per cent of students in the applied course meet or exceed the provincial average of 44 per cent.

Students meeting Literacy Test standards

Eighty per cent of academic English students in Upper Grand passed the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test, which is one percentage point below the provincial average of 81 per cent.

However, the board said for the past five years they have either been the same or within one or two percentage points of the provincial average.

The board said students in applied English were down four percentage points from last year.

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Wellington Catholic saw an 86 per cent success rate for academic students on the literacy test, while students at the applied level in the board exceeded the provincial average success rate by eight per cent.

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