Top vacation spots to visit before they get crowded with tourists

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If you’re looking for a fall getaway without the holiday crowd, you should probably head to Greece.

According to a recent report from travel search engine Kayak for Global News, Santorini, Greece, is the top destination for Canadians this season.

Looking at data between May and August from this year and last, the site concludes Asian countries, Portugal, and some more popular romantic destinations like the Maldives, are all of interest to Canadian travellers right before the winter months.

And to beat the crowds, experts suggest going during the autumn.

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The top three

According to Kayak, Santorini is known for its spectacular views, authentic Greek dishes and perfect temperatures. Searches for this spot were up 87 per cent since last year, a spokesperson of the site adds.

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Coming in at No. 2 is Bangkok, another popular spot for Canadians in general. “Whatever the reason, Bangkok is an experience not to be missed, which explains the 83 per cent increase in searches compared to last year. Spend time in the populous city or use it as a connecting city, travellers are in for an invaluable adventure,” a spokesperson of the site notes.

Portugal is also trending this fall, and instead of Lisbon, Canadians seem to be interested in Faro. “Expect to gain some 13th-century knowledge of the historical city, as Faro offers a more peaceful atmosphere than its sister cities.”

Rishi Modi, Toronto-based travel expert at Next Departure, says he would also add Mexico City to this list.

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“A new Mexican airline, Interjet, has been introduced this year to major Canadian airports. There is also Aeromexico that made its debut last year. [Mexico City] can make some great weekend getaways,” he tells Global News.
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Modi adds Europe in general also has cheaper prices to many destinations, because of budget airlines like WOW Air.

“Not only Stockholm, but also London, Paris and Amsterdam have seen record low pricing for flights from Canada. Just watch out for fees that some ultra-low-cost carriers charge, such as for carry-on baggage and seat selection,” he adds.

He says Portugal is on the list in particular because it has a bit of everything for travellers. “You have everything there from beaches in Faro and wineries in Porto,” he says.

São Miguel, an island that came in fourth place, is also a hub for SATA airlines — which usually has cheap deals from Canadian cities, he adds.

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Other ways to avoid crowds

According to hotel review site, sometimes finding uncrowded travel destinations means going to popular destinations, but opting for smaller cities within them.

If you’re in Italy, try Sicily instead of Rome or Florence, and if you’re in Japan, head over to the island of Akajima.

In general, Reader’s Digest, recommends booking tickets well in advance, travelling off season and even asking hotel staff where to go to avoid tourists and crowds.

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It’s also important to compare flights for the best deal, especially if you are travelling to smaller cities. Modi says if you are going to Cusco, Peru, for example, you’re better off flying to Lima and then taking a flight to Cusco, instead of going direct.

Full list:
Santorini, Greece
Faro, Portugal
São Miguel, Portugal
Nashville, Tenn.
Lyon, France
Cusco, Peru
Porto, Portugal
The Maldives