Former coach makes special delivery for Edmonton Eskimos lineman John Chick

Edmonton Eskimos new defensive end John Chick is having his belongings delivered by a former coach.
Edmonton Eskimos new defensive end John Chick is having his belongings delivered by a former coach. Courtesy: Jeff Reinebold

Jeff Reinebold has an interesting scouting report of the past few days.

“I’m a little bit like Forrest Gump. He ran. I just drive,” he joked as he drove into Alberta on Wednesday afternoon.

Reinebold is calling it the “Chickspedition.” He’s hauling John Chick’s belongings from Hamilton to Edmonton. Chick was recently traded from the Tiger-Cats to Eskimos. Chick’s wife, Catherine, was originally going to handle the driving.

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“She was going to try and drive eight kids from Hamilton to Edmonton. A group of us went over to help them pack up their stuff,” Reinebold explained. “John called me and I said, ‘I really don’t feel good about Catherine making that trip.'”

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Reinebold, who was fired as the Tiger-Cats defensive coordinator in August, figured it was a good chance to follow through on things coaches preach in the dressing room.

“We always talk to players about family, togetherness and brotherhood. You can either let it be cliché in your life and you can let it be what your life is,” said Reinebold.

“This is way to do a favour for a guy who is very close to me, very close to my heart.”

Reinebold usually drives small vehicles, so getting behind the wheel of a large van with a trailer has been a learning experience.

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“It’s like driving with a school bus and a trailer behind it,” Reinebold said. “I’ve had a couple of near misses, not going to lie! But it’s been an amazing ride. It’s been a phenomenal trip.”

Reinebold is slated to arrive in Edmonton Wednesday night and get together with Chick.

“I’ll help him unload, but I’m not helping him set the house up,” laughed Reinebold. “That’s where I draw the line.”