Hurricane Harvey: Texas residents use their trucks to help free trapped firetruck

Click to play video: 'Texas residents use their trucks to help free trapped firetruck'
Texas residents use their trucks to help free trapped firetruck
ABOVE: A group of ordinary Texans came together after a firetruck became trapped in the flooding of Hurricane Harvey – Sep 2, 2017

Sometimes, even the rescuers need rescuing.

That was the case on Monday in the Texas town of Port Arthur, which like many communities in the Lone Star State, had become inundated with floodwaters as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

The Texas-Louisiana border bore the brunt of Hurricane Harvey’s second landfall, this time as a tropical storm before it was downgraded Wednesday night to a tropical depression.

It caused a repeat of the flooding endured earlier by Houston, when Harvey made first landfall last week as a Category 4 hurricane, before meandering back to the Gulf of Mexico.

Keith Daley, a resident of nearby Nederland, Texas, streamed live on Facebook on Sept. 1, as he and another resident used their pickup trucks to help tow a firetruck, which had become struck in the waist-high floodwaters.

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“I’m on my way to go rescue a fire engine,” Daley said at the start of the video.

“My buddy Jacob Weir, who works for the fire department… called me up and said they had a fire engine stuck in the median.”

Upon arriving, the firefighter tells Daley that the truck accidentally drove onto the submerged median of  Jimmy Johnson Boulevard, becoming stuck in the soft ground.

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Eventually, another motorist stops to help, with civilians and firefighters working together to attach their tow lines to the back of the fire engine and then slowly, carefully, pull it back onto firmer ground.

“Thank you. I appreciate y’all. Thank you,” Daley tells the firefighters, who shake the hands of both drivers who stopped to help free them.

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Police in Port Arthur, near the Louisiana state line, were recruiting anyone with boats to help check neighbourhoods for potential rescues. Authorities said that instead of calling 911, many people were trying to seek help via social media, adding to the chaos.

A series of videos posted to Facebook by Daley shows him using his pickup truck, with its 44-inch tires and all-terrain capability, to help Port Arthur residents over the last 48 hours.

The rescue effort has taken its toll on Daley’s truck.

“Don’t know how much more the old truck can take. Motor is starting to knock, transmission is slipping, rear end is popping, fuel pump going out, tires have so many nails in them it’s hard to keep air, and the list goes on,” Daley wrote.

Meanwhile, firefighters have extinguished a large blaze at a building on Houston’s west side that is surrounded by flooding from Harvey.

Fire department spokeswoman Sheldra Brigham says no one was hurt in the fire on Saturday.

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