10 well-paying jobs in Canada you can score without a university degree

Indeed Canada has released a list of well-paying jobs that don't require a university degree. Getty Images File

While a university degree can be helpful in landing the ideal job, a recent report by job search site Indeed offers a reminder that it’s not the only route available.

On Tuesday, the website released a list of well-paying jobs in Canada that don’t require a university education. It also indicated how many openings each field had per one million job postings on the website between May and July this year.

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5 jobs you can do without a college degree

Jodi Kasten, the managing director of Indeed Canada, explained in a press release that job-seekers should be aware of all the avenues available to them.

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“Many trades and tech-related roles are in high demand,” Kasten said in the release.

“Employers are facing skills shortages meaning these roles can offer good career prospects or even self-employment opportunities.”

Kasten noted that careers on the list do require additional training, albeit no traditional university degree.

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“While university-level education may not be right for everyone, many of these roles do require specialized training, certifications, licenses or other forms of education,” Kasten said in an email to Global News.

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“For example, becoming an app developer may require courses to learn a specific programming language and becoming a pilot requires specialized flight training and licenses.”

An Air Canada pilot, specifically, requires much more.

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According to the airline’s website, pilots applying to work for them need around 3,000 hours of flight experience. Air Canada prefers that applicants have a university or college education. They also look for military experience, or jet time as an asset. Once all those demands are met, applicants have to pass psychiatric and cognitive tests, and a medical evaluation.

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So, it’s not quite as clear-cut as graduating high school and landing a high-paying job. But, it is an alternate option to consider.

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Here are some of Canada’s top-paying jobs, that don’t need a university degree.

10. Web developer

A web developer is paid an average yearly salary of $66,058 in Canada. There were 1,117 job postings for the field per one million job listings between May and July.

9. Electrician

The average electrician is paid $62,339 per year in the Great White North. And there’s plenty of demand, too. There were 1,290 postings in the designated time.

8. Sales executive

There were 623 job openings for sales executives per one million posting on Indeed Canada between May and July. The average salary for the position is $63, 017.

7. Construction inspector

A construction inspector in Canada can expect an average salary of $64, 675. It netted 100 job postings.

6. App developer

The average yearly pay for an app developer is $66,058, according to Indeed Canada. There were 1,117 postings (per one million) for the job between May and July.

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5. Pilot

A pilot is paid an average of $75,396 per year in Canada. There were 116 job postings on Indeed in the designated time.

4. Car sales executive

The average yearly salary for a car sales executive is $78,994 in Canada. And the demand between May and July resulted in 627 job postings on Indeed.

3. Maintenance manager

A building maintenance manager earns $83,184 on average in Canada. There were 367 job posting for the position.

2. Real estate agent

A real estate agent makes around $107, 843 per year. And there were 435 postings on Indeed during the designated period.

1. Owner operator driver (truck driver)

The top spot goes to an owner operator driver, which in Canada earns about $144, 969. There were 1,100 job postings for the position per one million postings on the website between May and July.


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