Nearly nude man stopped by Winkler police after bizarre call

Winkler Police were lead on a bit of chase last week after getting a call about a naked man. Global News

Winkler Police were led on a bit of a chase last week after getting a call about a man who appeared to be shopping while naked from the waist down.

On its Facebook page Tuesday Winkler Police said the bizarre search started with a call from a 7-11 employee who said a man who ‘appeared to be naked from the waist down’ had just left his store.

That employee noted the car he was in, and Winkler Police started their search.

He was eventually stopped in Morden and that’s when police realized the man was actually wearing a small pair of underwear.

“Winkler officers attended and learned that although the male appeared to be naked from the waist down, he was wearing a very small pair of underwear which was covered by the long shirt he was wearing,” the Winkler Police Facebook page said.

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Police said the man apologized.


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