Boil water advisory issued for areas of Red Deer

Some Red Deer residents are being asked to boil their water before drinking it.

An advisory on the City of Red Deer’s website Sunday said employees are hand delivering notices door-to-door to affected properties.

On Friday, a boil water advisory was issued for some homes living along 45 and 46 Avenues. Then on Sunday, another advisory was issued for four homes along 78 Street Crescent.

“The advisory will remain in place until water tests confirm that there is no contamination,” said the statement on the city’s website.

Red Deer issues boil water advisories when harmful microbes, like E. coli bacteria or Giardia parasites could be present in the drinking water supply.

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“Consuming water contaminated with these microbes can make you and your pets sick,” said the city’s website. “However, boiling the water kills these microbes making the water safe for consumption.”

The city said boil water advisories can be issued due to water leaks, main breaks, depressurization or contaminants in the water treatment plant. On its Twitter account Sunday, the city said the advisory was due to a water leak.

Residents impacted are asked to use boiled or bottled water for drinking, making baby formula, washing food, making ice cubes and brushing teeth.

The city said employees will once again deliver notices once the advisory is lifted.

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