EXCLUSIVE: Identical twin brothers reunite in Montreal after 20 years

Sick Lachine man finds lost twin
WATCH: Estranged twins Eric and Stephane Brodeur have been reunited after a plea was made via Global News. As Global's Felicia Parrillo reports, Eric wanted to find his brother because he’s very ill.

Identical twin brothers Eric and Stephane Brodeur have finally reunited.

Earlier this month, Eric told Global News that he and Stephane had a falling out when they were younger and had not spoken in about 20 years.

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Eric is a two-time cancer survivor, but when he found out he had cancer for the third time, he said he was desperate to reconnect with his other half.

When Stephane saw Global News’ story and heard Eric’s plea, he said he had to reach out.

“A friend of mine, who’s also a friend of Eric’s, Brent Young, sent me the link on Messenger of the footage,” said Stephane.

“That’s how I found out.  I watched it and I was so taken aback by it.”

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Eric said he was shocked the news traveled so fast.

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West Island man looking for twin

“We met each other two days after the newscast,” he said.

“I wasn’t expecting it to happen that quick. I was taken aback, but I was so happy to finally be back with my brother.”

Though Stephane says it’s hard to see his brother so ill, he’s grateful to be with him for the journey.

“He needs me now more than ever, so I have to be there for him and I’m going to be there for him, that’s for sure,” said Stephane.

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Their aunt, Francine Belisle, was one of the people who spearheaded their reunion.

She told Global News she’s been longing for her nephews to reunite.

“It feels like we’re going back in time, because they were always together as kids, always,” she said.

“They would even dress the same, so it’s nice to see them together, and they haven’t changed that much.”