Construction begins on Woodward wastewater treatment plant upgrades

Construction begins on Woodward wastewater treatment plant upgrades - image

The Woodward Wastewater treatment plant brought together all levels of government, Monday, to mark the beginning of major upgrades to the facility.

Construction is now underway on the raw sewage pumping station.

“Our wet well has a limited capacity,” said Mayor Fred Eisenberger.

“We’re going to almost double the capacity of the wet well and that certainly helps us retain all of the wastewater and make sure that we give it all proper full treatments before we discharge it into the water.”

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Eisenberger says it’s the last piece outside of Randle Reef that the city can tackle in terms of providing the best wastewater treatment process possible.

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$300 million has been invested in the project that will also involve the construction of a new energy centre and chlorine tank.

Upgrades are expected to be completed by 2020.

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