Winnipeg mosquito trap counts hit record low in 2017

City officials said the average trap counts have been well below ten in Winnipeg this year. Shelden Rogers / Global News

A long-time reputation is beginning to wear off in Winnipeg.

A combination of hot temperatures, and little precipitation has kept mosquito trap counts in the city well below 10, nearly eight times lower than the average count last year.

“We are dealing with pretty historic numbers, this is very unusual,” Ken Nawolsky, Winnipeg’s superintendent of Insect Control said.

To date this year, the average number of mosquitoes found in city traps has been just three.

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Nawolosky said that number is the lowest the city has seen in 30 years.

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The latest trap count from the city on Friday was one mosquito.

Nawolosky said the numbers should stay low throughout the rest of summer. He said even if it rains in Winnipeg, it will go right into the ground, preventing counts to spike.

“I can forecast at least until the end of August, these trap counts will be slow.”

With record low numbers, Nawolosky said the city didn’t have to fog at all this year.

He said that alone could save the city more than $1 million.

“It will be in the seven digit figures, so at least $1 million, maybe more.”

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