6 online jobs you can actually make a living off of

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Top paying jobs you can do from home
WATCH: Are you confident working with technology and enjoy working independently? Then perhaps these online jobs are for you – Aug 14, 2017

Whether you’re a new parent, close to retirement, or just need a change of scenery from the same old office job but still need a pay cheque in the meantime, taking an online job is one solution many consider.

But how lucrative are these types of jobs – is it possible to work from home or remotely elsewhere and still get paid a decent salary?

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According to Arturo Gallo, content manager at Monster Canada, it is possible.

“Online jobs are steadily increasing in popularity as job seekers and employees are attracted to the perks of working remotely or from home,” he says. “Employers are also becoming more open and flexible about traditional work hours and spaces. This helps them remain competitive and attract the right talent.”

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But these jobs aren’t for everyone, Gallo says.

“It does take a certain level of discipline to work remotely,” he says. “These type of jobs will likely appeal to those who are comfortable, confident and curious with technology and enjoy working more independently than with a team. You also need to be the type of person who can figure out innovative ways to keep yourself visible within the organization, without having a physical presence.”

So tell help get you started in your search, Gallo provides a list of today’s top online jobs for those looking to make the switch.

1. Graphic designer

Median salary: $41,744

Description: “The work of a graphic designer is already performed online, making it an easy fit for a job at home or remotely,” Gallo says. “If you’re comfortable with collaborating over the phone or email as opposed to in person, this may be the right fit for you.”

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2. Recruiter

Median salary: $57,700

Description: “An employment recruiter handles both sides of recruiting,” Gallo explains. “If you have a wide network of contacts, you could become a lead recruiter, acting as a professional matchmaker and helping jobs and workers find each other to live happily ever after.”

3. Technical Sales Representative (TSR)

Median salary: $71,500

Description: “If you are comfortable with cold-calling, selling products and enjoying technology, you may find a career as a technical sales representative rewarding,” Gallo suggests. “TSRs spend most of their time on the phone, which makes it easier to work from your home office.”

4. Software developer

Median salary: $64,700

Description: “Software developers can go for long periods without meeting end-user clients, a situation that makes their jobs ideally suited for work-from-home status,” Gallo says. “Their days are spent in the research, design, development, implementation and testing phases.”

5. Information Technology (IT) consultant

Media salary: $72,100

Description: “IT consultants meet the needs of new, small or even large businesses,” Gallo says. “An IT consultant might set up a VPN or even implement a new database management system. Most of the work can be done remotely, making this career a potentially good fit for someone looking to work from home.”

6. Freelance writer

Median salary: $57,200

Description: “For most writers, peace and quiet is needed for developing compelling stories and content,” he says. “From blog posts to technical manuals, you can find yourself writing days away in the comfort of your own home.”

Tips on where to start and what to do

“No matter what kind of job, you should always start with brands, companies or organizations that you admire and relate to,” Gallo points out. “Set out a list of your expectations for what working online may look like too.”

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Also, pay attention to how you communicate when applying to these jobs, Gallo says.

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“Ensure that your choice of language and tone is appropriate to whomever you are corresponding with,” he says. “Also make sure that there are no spelling or grammar issues in any emails you make with a potential employer.”

Don’t forget to showcase the skills that would be beneficial for an employer who’s hiring someone who will work remotely. Be very responsive, easily accessible, willing to collaborate in unique ways and be dependable, Gallo adds.

“Employers can be wary about remote workers,” he says. “Since they are not in an office, it can be harder to keep tabs on their accountability. You want to be able to show that you are highly accountable.”

And lastly, make sure to clean up your social media accounts.

“If the job you are applying for is primarily online, your personal brand on social media is an extension of who you are and what you represent as a potential employee.”


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