Gord Gillies: The most terrifying part of this job? Getting up on time

Click to play video: 'Gord Gillies signs off for the final time'
Gord Gillies signs off for the final time
Fri, Jul 21: It's the end of an era at Global Calgary as Gord Gillies signs off of Global News Hour at 6 for the final time – Jul 21, 2017

Have you ever had one of those early morning events that you just can’t miss?  I mean, really, really early, and really, really important.  So important, that you no longer trust the alarm clock to wake you, even though it hasn’t failed to do the job for the past decade?

That’s me right now.

On Monday, Aug. 14, I started a new career as the morning show host at News Talk 770 in Calgary.  I am over the moon excited, mixed with a healthy dose of nerves. I’ll be bumpy, I’ll have some classic stumbles, I’m ready to get an earful from the Bruce Kenyon fans!

But I’m really feeling good about the change and the cool opportunity. The team is awesome. Betty Jo Kaiser and Dave Rowe are ready for the new guy. Brenda Neufeld answers all my questions about local news. Operator Courtney Davidson is keeping me in line and producer Whitney Deane has lined up some great guests.  All the pieces are in place.

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I just don’t trust the alarm clock.

WATCH: Gord Gillies moves from TV to morning radio on News Talk 770

Click to play video: 'Global Calgary’s Gord Gillies moves to radio with new show on News Talk 770'
Global Calgary’s Gord Gillies moves to radio with new show on News Talk 770

For the past week, I’ve been testing my wake up skills.  iPhone set to chime Big Ben at 3:45 a.m. iPad to blast the sweet sounds of a telegraph at 3:50 a.m, just in case the phone doesn’t work.

They’ve worked every single morning. (Of course, the fact I wake up every 20 minutes to peek at the ‘old school’ clock probably renders them both needless.)

But sleeping in has become my new nightmare.  Way worse than arriving at school in my underwear.  More terrifying than a visit from Freddy Krueger.

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Here’s hoping it’s a cheery “good morning” at 5:30am.

Apple – my future is in your hands.



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