Country music singer putting Winnipeg on the map in Nashville, TN

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Country music singer putting Winnipeg on the map in Nashville, TN
WATCH: Global's Shelden Rogers sits down with country musician Leanne Pearson to talk about her newest single, second album and upcoming concert. – Aug 11, 2017

From the stages of Winnipeg bars, to the streets of Nashville Tennessee, Manitoba singer/songwriter Leanne Pearson is making a name for herself in the country music capital.

Her new single ‘I Wanna Be More’ is just a few weeks old, and already more than 15,000 people have downloaded on Spotify alone, from countries around the world.

“People all over the world are just starting to hear my music, and it’s just such a nice feeling,” Pearson said.

Preparing to drop her second album by the end of the year, Pearson is making connections with big country music stars, recording at legendary recording studios.

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It’s a long way from where the musician was just six years ago. Fresh out of school at the University of Manitoba, Pearson was playing eight shows a week on Winnipeg stages and bars.

“We have so many venues here, and people come out when you play. The support has been crazy,” she said.

Shortly after, Pearson took a risk to chase her dreams in Nashville.

She released her first album in 2013, titled Serendipity.

“Going down there just brought a new energy to me. I would go down and I would write, then I’d come back here and play all my new songs.”

It didn’t take long for the country music world to catch on.

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Pearson’s videos have already been featured on CMT (Country Music Television), and Winnipeg radio stations are playing her music on the airwaves.

“Sometimes I just get in my car when I’m home and turn the radio on, and I’m like ‘hey, I know her’, and it’s me on the radio.”

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Pearson is just one of the latest singers coming from a booming music scene in the prairies.

This year alone, more than 750 musicians have signed up for memberships with Manitoba Music.

Each one, playing local shows, travelling the world, and consistently releasing new content.

“I think it’s easier now than it’s ever been before for us to sell local music to music fans. People are just really excited about what’s local right now,” Executive Director of Manitoba Music, Sean McManus said.

Pearson will be playing the Lyric Theatre at Assiniboine Park on Sunday night, before heading back to Nashville to soon release her new album.

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