Clean up underway after wicked storm batters Warman

Click to play video 'Clean up underway after wicked storm batters Warman' Clean up underway after wicked storm batters Warman
WATCH ABOVE: Warman was hit with a powerful storm Monday night that left streets flooded and trees knocked down with the city and homeowners now doing major cleanup – Aug 8, 2017

Three back-to-back severe weather warnings for Warman and a double dose of rain after systems rolled through Monday night and Tuesday.

The most damage was caused Monday night when a super-soaker hit along with unforgiving winds.

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The aftermath still evident at a local soccer field that was submerged in water and surface flooding at low laying intersections.

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After a wicked storm blew in and pounded the region with rain.

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According to Coun. Gary Phillipchuk, they braced for the worst and hoped for the best.

“Eighty millimetres or three inches in 20 minutes – it would be like filling your bathtub up with a fire hose,” he said.

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All city systems were in working order but they just couldn’t keep up.

“The winds started then all of sudden it just poured and the hail started and it was bad,” said Shelby Unger, who watched as her mature trees sway in the wind and water flood into their garage as their eavestroughs spilled over.

“It went from this isn’t too bad to bad really quickly.”


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“We knew something was going to happen especially with the winds then it just started pouring, it was coming down really hard and then the hail came,” said Bailey Johnson with public works for the City of Warman.

On Tuesday, she had already spent hours cleaning up downed trees and branches throughout the city, nothing on private property – mostly debris in back alleys.

“It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it I guess.”

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Toppled trees knocked out power to at least forty homes said officials, power that was restored hours later.

“Our trailer had moved over, then the trees started falling it was amazing and at the end of the block the water was up to our knees just because it wasn’t able to drain quick enough,” Unger said.

There were no injuries reported as a result of the storm but at one point Warman Fire Rescue took to Twitter warning parents not to let there children play at flooded intersections for fear manhole covered had popped off.

“Definitely lots of manpower out there to make sure the community was safe and roads were cleared as soon as possible,” Phillipchuk added.

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The south side of Warman was hit the hardest, with 30 millimetres more falling on that side of the city than the north.

On Tuesday, another shot of rain didn’t help matters since officials said it will take about a day of absolutely no precipitation whatsoever for things to dry out and  systems to return to normal.