Halifax libraries considering book vending machines

A novelbranch machine at the Gale Centre in Niagra Falls, ON. Courtesy of Convergent Library Technologies

If you’re looking to check out some books at the Halifax library you might soon have a new way of doing it.

According to the Nova Scotia tender website, the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) is looking to purchase an “Automated Book Lending Kiosk for Halifax Public Libraries” — better known as a book vending machine.

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The HRM says it’s interested in purchasing five of the machines over the course of three years.

The book vending machine will hold between “100 and 150 individual books” while allowing for the return of items and access to a machine with a Halifax Public Library card.

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According to the documents made available online, the standard machine that will be accepted is a NovelBranch machine, which is produced by Convergent Library Technologies.

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Here’s a video on how one of their machines works:

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