Blue Moon yacht turning heads at Montreal Old Port

WATCH: A multi-million dollar yacht has docked in Montreal’s Old Port. As Global's Matt Grillo reports, people have been stopping to gawk – and wonder what it’s doing here.

There’s a boat down by the Old Port that’s sticking out a lot more than the others.

The Blue Moon private yacht is 60 metres long and costs about $75 million.

It features a gym, dining area, elevator, 15 sets of snorkeling gear and three kayaks.

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The boat has its own captain and a staff of up to 15 members and accommodates 12 guests.

Those who work at the Old Port say there’s no other private boat quite like it.

“This one is really big,” Jimmy Laforge, Old Port Public Relations Manager, said. “Typical boats are not like that. They are much smaller. It’s a real big boat.”

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Plenty of people are amazed at seeing a boat of this nature in Montreal.

Those looking to rent the boat for the week can expect to spend about $400,000 plus expenses, which also doesn’t include what it costs to dock the boat.

“This is like massive,” Stephen Maguire, Montreal resident, said. “Even the people with these other boats over here their, like, million dollar boats and they’re looking at this and saying ‘my God I wished I owned that.'”

The Old Port can’t say who sailed into town on the Blue Moon.

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It’s not everywhere that can handle a ship of this size, but the Old Port can.

“We have a team who’s able to work and who’s trained to work with boats like that,” Laforge said. “So they just come into the Old Port and they dock and after that, they’re going to go enjoy Montreal.”

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