Saying thank you to the firefighters battling wildfires around B.C.

Firefighter Nick West blowing out his birthday candles.
Firefighter Nick West blowing out his birthday candles. Sophie Lui / Global News

As the wildfires continue to burn around B.C. and crews work around the clock to protect communities and homes, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight anytime soon.

But some residents wanted to give back to some of those crews working to protect their homes. On Tuesday night, emergency workers were treated to a dinner in 108 Mile Ranch.

“This is┬áthe last core group that’s still here and I want to say thank you on behalf of our department, our community,” said fire chief Marcelle Ried.

The dinner was a surprise and was held in the 108 Mile Ranch hangar for about 50 fire crew members from across B.C.

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In addition, amidst all the stress and hard work, there was a bit of a celebration for one of the firefighters in Williams Lake on Tuesday.

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Nick West, whose wife and kids were forced to evacuate the city last week, stayed behind to help fight the fire.

So his fellow firefighters surprised him with a cake for his 37th birthday.

Coincidentally, West says there was also a wildfire in Penticton on the day he was born.

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