Farm Boy, Flash Food team up to create new app

Photo of Josh Domingues, Founder and CEO of Flashfood. Christian D'Avino / AM980

Attention all shoppers, Farm Boy has a brand new app that will not only save you more money, but will help reduce food waste as well.

The app, created by Flashfood, sends savings on food items from Farm Boy locations directly to the consumer’s phone. In addition, the app will allow the user to create a shopping list, pay online and choose a desired Farm Boy store for pickup.

“At the time, I was living in downtown Toronto, and I thought if grocery stores marked the price down on food, sent the notification to me, and I could choose the item, pay for it on my phone, and pick it up, I’d shop like this all the time,” said Josh Domingues, the founder and CEO of Flashfood.

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Domingues said his inspiration was from his sister, a chef, who wasted up to $4,000 a week in food.

“Basically, when food gets thrown out, it ends up in a landfill, rots away, and produces methane gas. The statistic is that if international food waste was a country, it be the third leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions behind the United States and China,” said Domingues.

Ryan Braizer, vice president of Farm Boy in the southwest region, said the app will not only allow for the company to grow, but will help consumers of all ages in reducing waste production.

“The intel that they (Flashfood) have, it will allow us to better understand certain consumer age brackets, which, along with the app making it easier to shop, I believe that over time, Farm Boy  will become the favourite destination to shop for the younger generations as well,” said Braizer.

Josh Domingues estimates that the app will allow consumers to save upwards of 30 to 40 per cent on groceries.

Currently, the app is only available at all Farm Boy locations in London. Domingues tells AM980 that as Flashfood grows, he will look in to potentially moving the app onto the international stage.

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The app has officially launched and is available on all smartphone app stores.




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