Do you know which sunscreen best fits your skin type?

Click to play video: 'What sunscreen suits your skin type?' What sunscreen suits your skin type?
WATCH ABOVE: Find out which sunscreen suits you best with beauty expert Chantel Guertin and Global’s Andrea Howick – Jul 14, 2017

Sunshine has been hard to come by in Montreal this summer, but you should still be wearing sunscreen.

Beauty expert Chantel Guertin explains there are many types of sunscreens for different conditions.

“Even when it is rainy or cloudy in the middle of winter, you really should be wearing sunscreen,” Guertin said.

“We know now that the sun can damage your skin at any time of year, any type of day.”

For example, Guertin says BB-tinted sunscreen is best for sports.

Some even have WetForce technology, which means rather than washing off because of water or sweat, it actually works harder for 30 more minutes.

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For those with oily skin, Guertin recommends a product with a matte finish so it doesn’t add extra shine to the skin.

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Some sunscreens also include minerals, which help block out the sun without using chemicals.

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