Andrea Giesbrecht sentenced to 8.5 years for concealing remains of 6 dead infants in storage locker

ABOVE: Judge sentences Andrea Giesbrecht to 8.5 years.

WINNIPEG – Andrea Giesbrecht was sentenced to eight and a half years Friday for concealing the remains of six dead infants in a storage locker. Taking into consideration time served, Giesbrecht will spend a remaining 7.8 years in custody.

“She and others need to be deterred from committing this offence,” said Judge Murray Thompson prior to delivering the sentence around 1:45 p.m.

“Giesbrecht does not come before the court as a person of good moral character,” Thompson added.

Thompson referred several times to the fact that “unchecked and unreviewable disposal of a stillborn child effectively defeats the state’s ability to verify that death preceded birth.”

“There is no evidence of self induced abortion,” Thompson said. “This makes the offences as serious as they can be.”

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Thompson went on to reference expert evidence at trial that showed “the real possibility these children would have survived birth.”

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Giesbrecht was charged in October 2014 and the trial began in April 2016. However, extra dates needed to be added and the trial concluded on October 5, 2016.

Giesbrecht was found guilty on Feb. 6, 2017.

Crown attorneys asked for an 11 year sentence.

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A last minute argument by the defence to have the case thrown out was unsuccessful Friday. Thompson dismissed the motion by Greg Brodsky prior to delivering sentencing. Brodksky had argued it took too long to hear Andrea Giesbrecht’s case.

Brodksy filed the motion late Tuesday afternoon, just three days before Giesbrecht’s sentencing date.

Judge’s decision on Andrea Giesbrecht sentencing

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Judge’s decision on unreasonable delay motion

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