Power outage planned in Lunenburg to protect osprey nest

An osprey nest is pictured on power lines in Lunenburg, N.S. Nova Scotia Power/Twitter

If you’re still awake early Sunday morning and notice the lights go out in Lunenburg, Mahone Bay and Riverport, you can blame a family of ospreys.

Nova Scotia Power (NSP) says the outage is necessary in order to safely install power line insulators near a large osprey nest.

The outage will take place July 9  between 2:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. to minimize the impact on residents. Both municipal utility and NSP customers will be affected.

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According to spokesperson Tiffany Chase, the osprey nest is in Lunenburg and was monitored by the provincial utility during the spring but couldn’t be relocated at the time.

“We’ll build a new platform nearby and hopefully the osprey would reestablish the nest at the new location, but because there are active osprey in this nest we’re not able to move it at this time,” Chase said in a phone interview.

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She said when a bird relocation is done, a pole with a platform at the top is normally built in a safer location nearby for the birds to take up nest.

The relocation is done in consultation with the Department of Natural Resources who would also be on site for the nest removal.

The power line insulators are being put in place as an interim measure until the birds can be moved, and will help reduce the potential of any nesting materials coming in contact with the line.

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