Dan Florizone not throwing his name in to lead Sask.’s single health authority

Dan Florizone not throwing his name in to lead new Saskatchewan Health Authority
WATCH ABOVE: After careful consideration, Dan Florizone will not be vying for the CEO position of the province's new amalgamated health authority. Meaghan Craig reports.

He is one of the most crucial leaders in Saskatchewan when it comes to health care but after careful consideration, Dan Florizone says he will not be vying to become the CEO of the new provincial health authority.

This as all 12 health regions become one as part of a massive reorganization of the entire system.

“I felt I could support the success of the amalgamation in a different way,” Dan Florizone, president and CEO of the Saskatoon Health Region, said.

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Instead of pioneering the province during this next step, his hope is to contribute on the ground – so that his family can now come first and his job second.

“Life is important, family is important and when I reflect on 30 years in health care I remember being out of town when my wife was in labour and not there when family needed support.”

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His health wasn’t a consideration in not seeking the new CEO position.

Florizone took a brief medical leave in late 2014, just days after announcing pending job cuts in the region to deal with a massive deficit. Florizone maintains the one had nothing to do with the other.

“I think some people interpreted things as cause-effect, I just want to be clear there was no connection between what we were doing,” Florizone said.

“It’s just the timing was really unfortunate.”

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Having had a health crisis of his own, Florizone now knows what he’d like to see once the largest amalgamation in our province’s history is complete.

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“What I would love to see is a health authority that takes advantage of size and yet delivers care in a very local way,” he added.

“Centralize your specialist, centralize your transactional work but really leave that every day care right at the community level.”

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In early May, the Ministry of Health initiated the recruitment process for the president and CEO of the Saskatchewan Health Authority. The job posting was closed on May 24, 2017.

“As I look through the job advertisement, it’s impressive,” Florizone said.

“Those qualifications, those inherent skills and abilities and characteristics that are being sought, I am looking forward to meeting that person.”

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According to the ministry, the goal is to announce who that person is sometime this summer at the recommendation of the board of directors for the authority.

It is hoped the single health authority will be operational by the fall.