Edmonton wants homeowners to post home energy efficiency online

Higher efficiency furnaces and better building insulation were installed as part of the Home Energy Legacy Program (HELP). Adrian Raaber / Global News

The City of Edmonton has launched a pilot project to help homeowners recognize the difference in their home energy efficiency.

The “spot the difference” program allows homeowners to get an EnerGuide label and share their rating online and compare it other homes in Edmonton.

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Those who post their evaluation will receive $400 incentives to help pay up to 80 per cent of the evaluation.

“EnerGuide’s home evaluation and label helps homeowners understand the energy performance of their home, obtain expert advice on how to prioritize home improvements and make the most out of available home rebates and incentives programs,” Energy Transition Strategy senior project manager Mike Mellross said.

“As more people share their labels we can build energy literacy in the community and make energy efficiency easier to understand and more valuable.”

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The city said the program will help Edmonton homeowners prepare for future regulations and take advantage of government incentives.

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As part of the Pan Canadian Framework for Clean Growth and Climate Change, the federal, provincial and territorial governments agreed to work together with the aim of requiring labelling of building energy use by as early as 2019.

“Edmonton’s EnerGuide for Homes program will allow homeowners to make energy efficient choices while helping Canada meet its domestic climate change goals and international commitments,” Federal Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr said.

“We are proud to see Canadians taking a leading role in reducing the impact of their energy use on the environment.”

The pilot project is one of several actions the city is taking to implement the Energy Transition Strategy, which is a risk management strategy aiming to make Edmonton an energy sustainable city.


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