These 5 tips can help you save money on groceries

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How to chop down your food bill
WATCH: Blogger Merry Kuchle joins Global Calgary with tips on how to chop down your grocery food bill – Jun 22, 2017

Is your grocery bill getting bigger and bigger each week?

Merry about Town blogger Merry Kuchle joined Global Calgary on Thursday with five tips for cutting back on your grocery store spending.

1. Pick your grocery store wisely

“If you go in and you feel like you’re at a spa, you’re probably paying too much for your groceries,” Kuchle warned.

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“I always say ‘you have to decide what’s important to you,’” she added, saying you’ll often pay more for extra perks like having your bags packed for you.

“If having someone bag your groceries is really important to you, then it’s worth it. To me, it’s not.”

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2. Don’t become dedicated to any particular brand names

Instead of consistently purchasing the same brand name items, look for what is cheapest and what’s on sale.

“If you only eat this brand and this kind of soup – you’re going to pay for it,” Kuchle said.

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She noted name-brand pantry items can be significantly more expensive than their no-name counterparts.   

3. Only bring cash to the grocery store

Sure, it’s more convenient to pay for your groceries with a credit or debit card, but Kuchle warns doing this can make it easier to break your budget.

“If you have a really tight budget – only bring cash,” she said, saying it then becomes impossible to spend more.

4. Don’t bring your significant other – or your kids – with you

It’s hard to stay on budget when your kid or significant other is encouraging you to buy items that you don’t need.

Kuchle warned if they’re hungry then their growling stomach can influence you to buy things you shouldn’t be.

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5. Start cutting coupons and using flyers

Kuchle said coupon cutting and browsing flyers are good habits to have when it comes to saving money.

“Not all stores do it, but if you see something in the flyer and it’s not there – ask for a rain cheque,” she added.

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Flyers and coupons are also helpful if you’re hosting a dinner party.

“You’ll be able to entertain on way less [of a budget],” she added.

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