EXCLUSIVE: Montreal bus driver caught on camera driving while texting

STM driver caught using cellphone on bus route
WATCH ABOVE: A West Island family has filed a complaint with the city’s transit authority after the son filmed a bus driver using his cellphone while on the job. As Global’s Gloria Henriquez reports, the family is hoping the matter will be taken seriously.

A West Island mother is outraged after her teenage son caught an STM (Société de transport de Montréal) driver texting behind the wheel in Pierrefonds.

Debra Masterson is speaking out in the hopes the transit agency takes notice.

The alleged incident happened Friday morning on the 68 bus that runs along Gouin Boulevard.

Sixteen-year-old Ethan Brieffet was on the bus.

He says the driver was texting and driving for at least three stops.

Brieffet says he was so scared he decided to film him.

“I feel scared, I feel scared for my life and the lives of the other people because when you’re distracted while driving you’re not paying attention to the road and your surroundings so obviously it’s not very safe,” Brieffit told Global News.

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“My child is on that bus going to exams first thing in the morning. There’s a lot of kids on the bus, there’s a lot of families on the way to daycare or school and he’s not even paying attention,” Masterson said.

“I was mortified.”

This is not the first time an STM driver has been caught using a cellphone behind the wheel.

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Back in 2015 Global News reported a similar incident on the 202 bus in Pointe-Claire.

The driver was caught on camera after allegedly talking on the phone for a while without a Bluetooth device.

Masterson says these things shouldn’t happen and would like to see the driver disciplined.

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She says she filed a complaint to the STM.

“I sent them a copy of the video and a request that there be some sort of penalty for his actions but I have yet to hear back,” Masterson said.

Global News reached out to the STM.

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They wouldn’t comment on the case specifically, nor would they say if they are investigating the alleged incident.

A spokesperson did indicate that in a situation like this, disciplinary measures range from a letter of warning to suspension, depending on the driver’s file.

Masterson is encouraging others who’ve witnessed similar situations to come forward.

“And put more public pressure on the STM to take action against their drivers, to make sure everybody is safe.”