Canada 150: What travellers have to say about Canadians

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Canada 150: What travellers have to say about Canadians
WATCH: We asked travellers coming to Canada what they thought about the country and the people living in it. – Jun 5, 2017

Canadians have a lot to celebrate this year. Besides the country celebrating the 150th anniversary of Confederation, the general consensus about Canadians is that they are friendly and polite. As well, the country is believed to be a welcoming place.

That’s according to travellers and immigrants who answered one simple question: What do you really think about Canadians and the country they live in? Global News asked people visiting the country last week at the Pearson International airport their thoughts.

“People in Canada are amazing. The country itself is amazing,” one man said at Pearson.

“They are very friendly,” a woman from India said.

Another traveller from Jamaica who was in the country to visit friends says she is really struck by the country’s cleanliness.

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“I love Canada because it’s clean and the people are so friendly. I would live here. I  love the way Canadians drive, not like New York. They are not rushing. I love the pace.”

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Another visitor from Slovakia had the same thought. “This is a very nice place. Everything is clean and organized. People are very friendly, they help you when they see you that you need something, even before you ask.”

Besides the love of maple syrup, cottages and hockey, Canada is also known for its multiculturalism.

“They respect all the other cultures and religion,” one man who immigrated to Canada told Global News. “The democracy, the human rights, the human values, dignities, benefits, everything. It’s a great country.”

“The human value is respected here.”

For one couple from Austria who’ve visited Canada several times, they come back for the national parks and the country’s landscape. Within their circle, the couple says many think about the idea of moving to the Great White North.

And of course, as many Canadians have heard, they tend to be known for being polite and open people.

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“Everyone learns to say please and thank you, here. You see that more often than anywhere else. I think it’s the value. You see people from different countries and different places here. It’s beautiful to see that here. You don’t see that often anywhere else,” one man said.

“People are more open, open minded and more approachable. When you ask where to go, they are more likely to answer with no sort of issues,” a woman visiting her daughter from Europe said.

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