Edmonton residents encouraged to go bagless when mowing

FILE PHOTO. Stringer/AP Photo

The City of Edmonton is asking residents to go bagless this summer and leave grass clippings on the lawn.

The city said between May and August, residential waste can be double the volume collected during the winter. It’s the reason the city wants Edmontonians to not place cut grass in bags.

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An average household that bags their clippings sets out 40 to 50 bags of grass each year, and about 30,000 tonnes of grass are collected annually, according to the city.

The city points out several benefits of going bagless:

  • It helps your lawn because grass clippings protect the soil by keeping moisture in the ground, and the clippings break down quickly, which fertilizes the lawn naturally.
  • It reduces the need to water and fertilize your lawn.
  • It’s good for the environment because it’s an effective way to reduce waste.

The city said more than half of Edmonton households are already going bagless.


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