Tired of mowing the lawn? Moncton, Halifax residents can now call on ‘Shed’

Click to play video '‘Shed’ makes mowing the lawn an easy click away' ‘Shed’ makes mowing the lawn an easy click away
WATCH ABOVE: A Moncton man has developed a service that will make getting the lawn mowed just a convenient click away. Global’s Shelley Steeves reports – Jun 27, 2016

A Moncton man has created a cutting-edge way to help people to get their lawns mowed, known simply as “Shed.”

Sean Griffith has developed an online service which people in Halifax and Moncton can have their lawns mowed on an “as needed” basis.

“Right now we are focusing on landscaping services, but we are quickly adding in more services — handyman, painting, deck staining — anything that customers need we want to be able to add it on for them,” Griffith said.

Folks can book a lawn mower by registering with the service online through the “Shed” app, which links them directly to a variety of companies in the area.

“When [people] are going on vacation and they just don’t feel like mowing the lawn or want to take a day off, we are there for them,” Griffith said.
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Griffith is no stranger to this type of service — Shed is an expansion of the online snow plow service launched last year, “Plow Me Out.”

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Plow Me Out, which offered snow removal services to residents of Halifax and Moncton on an “as needed” basis, is now closed for the season.

Griffith says business has been great since launching in the winter of 2015, saying it was “especially successful in Halifax.” He’s hoping the same will happen with the lawn care service.

Alexis Belliveau, owner of Moncton landscaping company, The Lawn Enforcers says he thinks the idea is great for linking services with new clients, but he hasn’t signed up to be a provider just yet.

“Not a lot of guys out there do one-time cuts, so it can he hard for us to manage that geographically and time wise, but if the price is there to compensate for that it could be interesting,” Belliveau said.

Griffith says costs vary depending on the size of the property — a lawn up to 5,000 square feet in size in the Moncton area costs about $35, of which Shed gets a 20 per cent cut.

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Griffith says that if business goes well, they hope to take their service wider than just the two Maritime cities.

“We are looking to expand over the next couple of weeks and months to some more cities in Atlantic Canada as well as Western Canada,” Griffith said.