Names tracked down at illegal dump site

ID found in illegal dump site in Ellison

Kane Blake of the Okanagan Forest Task Force is disgusted by what he found over an embankment on Postill Lake Road in Ellison over the weekend.

“There’s diapers, tupperware containers, household garbage. Anything you can think of, it’s down there,” Blake said while describing the illegal dump site.

Several jugs of used motor oil were also found amongst the garbage.

Global Okanagan found several documents with names and addresses. One of the names was tracked down to a man who works in the Ellison area.

He doesn’t deny it’s his garbage, but says he paid a friend to bring it to the dump – not to the bush.

“I promise I did not put it there. I paid him $50 to take it to the dump. That’s what happened,” the man said.

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The man’s friend who did the alleged illegal dumping could not be located.