Quebec floods: Yamachiche latest municipality to declare state of emergency

Soldiers with the Canadian Armed Forces fill sandbags in Yamachiche, Que., in order to reinforce temporary dikes on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. A state of emergency was declared in Yamachiche on Wednesday, May 10, 2017. Raquel Fletcher/Global News

A local state of emergency was declared Wednesday in the small community of Yamachiche on Lac Saint-Pierre, roughly 25 kilometres west of Trois-Rivières.

It is the latest municipality in a growing list, to declare a state of emergency due to historic floods across the province.

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Mayor Michel Isabelle, said the state of emergency would remain in place for five days, before being re-evaluated.

The order affects Louis-Gatineau and Tranchée des Sables roads.

A state of emergency allows a municipality to enact orders and allocate resources as it sees fit.

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On Tuesday, Global News visited the town of 2,792.

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— Raquel Fletcher (@RaquelGlobal) May 9, 2017

Army personnel were on hand to help residents by delivering sandbags to strengthen temporary dikes.

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Unlike most towns though, it wasn’t the rising waters that had residents on edge but rather the destructive potential of the waves.

“The worst is the waves,” said 22-year-old Yamachiche resident Denis Villemure. “If we didn’t have the waves, we’d be OK.”

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