Sentencing begins for Winnipeg taekwondo instructor charged with sexual assault

The sentencing hearing for King Yeung, a former Winnipeg taekwando instructor charged with sexually assaulting three women, started Tuesday.

Yeung, 58, was arrested last year after a victim approached police saying she was sexually abused by him.

He has since pleaded guilty to charges of sexual exploitation and sexual interference involving three victims.

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The three women cannot be named due to a publication ban. Two of the women were in court for the sentencing hearing.

The first victim came forward in April 2016 and said she had been sexually abused by Yeung.

Police said in 2009, Yeung began inappropriately touching the victim (who was under the age of 16 at the time) at Kang’s Taekwondo Academy. Yeung was 50 at the time.

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In court Tuesday the crown attorney Katie Dojack reiterated details from one of the victims. Dojack said the first incident happened in Yeung’s office at the academy. 

Over the next few years the sexual advances increased and continued two to three times a week, police said. The victim was also allegedly assaulted by the instructor on a team trip to Alberta in 2010. She was under the age of 16 during the offences.

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During the hearing, the victim became overwhelmed and had to leave the court room for a few minutes.

Two other victims have come forward since then saying they were inappropriately touched and sexually assaulted by Yeung at the same taekwondo academy.

“I’m very terribly sorry for my actions towards you. I made horrible decisions without thinking about the consequences,” a very emotional Yeung said while addressing his victims.

The Crown has asked for 12 year sentence while the Defense asked for seven.

The judge reserved his decision on the sentence to a later date.