Buses replace 501 Queen streetcars till September

Buses will replace all streetcars on the 501 Queen Street route beginning Sunday until September. TTC/Handout. TTC/Handout

Beginning Sunday, all streetcars on the 501 Queen Street route will be replaced by buses due to ongoing construction and road work planned for the summer.

Several projects, including work at Cowell Ave., construction between Bathurst St. and Spadina Ave., the installation of a new pedestrian bridge at the Eaton Centre west of Yonge St., and major road and track work west of Roncesvalles Ave., would have forced the streetcars to divert around the areas.

The TTC made the change so that customers wouldn’t be inconvenienced.

 To accommodate the route’s large passenger capacity, 65 buses will be used at the busiest times of day.

Several other routes will see changes implemented as well:

-Streetcars will return to 511 Bathurst
-Streetcars, rather than buses, will service the supplemental 504 King peak service
-Streetcars will also run on the 503 Kingston Rd. route from May 7 to July 30, when buses will return to avoid a diversion around TTC track replacement at Queen and Cowell.

Streetcars will begin running again on Queen Sept. 3.

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