‘Spider-Man’ comes to the rescue for 9-year-old NB boy’s best friend

Click to play video: 'Real life super hero comes to rescue of Saint-Louis-de-Kent cat' Real life super hero comes to rescue of Saint-Louis-de-Kent cat
WATCH ABOVE: Real life super hero comes to rescue of Saint-Louis-de-Kent cat – Apr 28, 2017

You know you have a pretty special kitty when she get’s rescued by a super hero.

“Spider-Man exists,” 9-year-old Maxime Martin of Moncton said after his cat Nounoune was rescue after spending three days trapped several stories up on a bridge support in Saint-Louis-de-Kent, New Brunswick.

Maxime, who is sick with an autoimmune disorder, rarely leaves the house.

“I can’t have some friends or go outside and walk.”

Maxime’s mother, Julie Ann Robichaud, says her son can’t play with other children for fear of getting sick.  So his only friend is his cat that he named Nounoune when was given is as a toddler.

“For Max it’s his best friend, his only friend,” Julie Ann Robichaud said.

So on Tuesday when Nounoune crept out onto a large bridge support several stories off the ground and go stuck, Max’s family were beside themselves.

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“The poor car she is going to die,” his grandmother Theresa Robichaud said.

Nicole Thebeau from Ken County Animal Rescue tried to coax Nounoune down by lowering a cage filled with goodies over the bridge deck,but said it was just too high.

“So we posted a message on our Facebook page looking for help,” Thebeau said .

A local volunteer fire firefighter in the community did his best to try to rescue the cat. He climbed up with a ladder but the ladder was faulty, according to a media release he fell and injured himself.

Fortunately his injuries were not serious.

But after three days stuck up on the ledge, Julie-Ann believed that things were not looking good for Maxime’s best buddy

Until a local superhero saw the Facebook post and rushed in from more than an hour away and came to the rescue.

“Just knowing there was an animal in distress it tugged at the heart strings and I went out to see what I could do,” a rock climber Rehan Basson from Rock Fit of Moncton said.

Basson said he strapped his gear to the side of a truck and lowered himself off the bridge deck on a mission to rescue Nounoune.

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“It was amazing he went down the ledge and everything and just connected with the cat and he did it so gracefully,” Julie Ann Robichaud said .

Basson says the repel was actually a pretty routine, coaxing the cat to come to him was the hardest part of the rescue.

It took a little convincing with a few treats but he rescued the famished felines in fine superhero fashion

Maxime was so thrilled he’s called the cat rescuer Spider-Man ever since.

“I am so happy,” Maxime said to be reunited with his best friend who was rescued by a super hero.


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