Loreto Funeral Home in Saint-Leonard targeted by arsonists

Click to play video 'Suspected arson at Saint-Leonard funeral parlor' Suspected arson at Saint-Leonard funeral parlor
WATCH ABOVE: A fire was started at the Complexe Loreto Funeral Home in Saint-Leonard.

A fire was started at the Complexe Loreto Funeral Home on des Grandes-Prairies Boulevard in Saint-Leonard early Tuesday morning.

The Montreal Fire Department was called to the scene around 5:30 a.m. and quickly extinguished the flames.

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A large window in the back of the building was completely damaged and a can of gas was found nearby after the fire was put out.

“At this moment, we don’t have any suspects that we’re seen on the scene and we don’t have any witnesses,” said Montreal Police spokesperson Raphaël Bergeron. “So obviously we’re going to look at video surveillance if there is any at that business or businesses surrounded it.”

The funeral home has been linked to members of the Montreal mafia.

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The Quebec Business Registry lists Charlie and Domenica Renda, children of Maria Rizzuto, as the owners

“As you know, this is the second time that the Loreto Funeral Home is the subject of an attempted arson,” said mob expert Pierre de Champlain.

“Should we interpret this new attempt as a sinister message to the owners of the Loreto, the Rizzuto family? Maybe.”

The Loreto served as a venue for several Rizzuto family visitations.

“There are still prevalent tensions among the various mafia factions,” de Champlain told Global News.

“As long as there won’t be a recognized and accepted leader, the actual situation will remain unstable and volatile.”

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The Montreal police arson squad is now investigating the fire.

Police say they have no witnesses so far, but believe the attack may have been committed by one or two suspects.