Northwest Calgary residents want improvements to ‘dangerous’ intersection

Click to play video: 'Residents want ‘dangerous’ Calgary intersection rebuilt' Residents want ‘dangerous’ Calgary intersection rebuilt
WATCH: Tue, Apr 18: People living in several northwest Calgary communities want a dangerous intersection improved. As Tony Tighe reports, residents and drivers want a plan to rebuild the intersection moved higher on the priority list – Apr 18, 2017

Residents of a northwest Calgary neighbourhood are pushing for improvements for an unusual T-intersection between three main roads — McKnight Boulevard, John Laurie Boulevard and 48th Avenue.

Westbound McKnight has a non-stop, dual-left turn onto John Laurie. Northbound John Laurie traffic has a dual-right merge onto eastbound McKnight and a stop sign to turn left onto 48th Ave. 48th has a stop sign to cross the intersection to go east on McKnight and a right-hand merge onto westbound John Laurie.

People in the community say it’s become too dangerous for the amount of traffic using it.

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“Our principle focus is on safety. What we want to do is eliminate the accidents that have happened and the near-accidents that [are] here every day, and just make it safer, generally speaking,” said Bob Porteous of the North Haven Community Association.

Besides vehicles trying to navigate the sharp corners and merge lanes at the T-intersection, drivers trying to leave the community of North Haven on 48th Ave. can wait up to 15 minutes in rush hour to cross and head east.

For pedestrians like Gabriel Bozsaki, trying to cross the busy roads brings about another slew of problems.

“It’s probably the most dangerous pedestrian cross walk in the city,” Bozsaki said.

Plans for a new interchange to smooth out the curves and eliminate the T-intersection were approved in principle in 2005, but the project has never qualified for the city wide roads priority list.

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“This was a long-term project but could be considered within a few years, depending on the qualifications,” said Naveed Butt, manager of design for the City of Calgary’s transportation department.”

“Meanwhile, we are working with the community and we have done a few measures at this intersection and will continue working with the community to figure out other opportunities to improve traffic flow at this location,” he said.

Butt said it will be reviewed again this year, but added timing and funding may depend on when the Greenline Transit plan along Centre Street is approved.

Ward Councillor Sean Chu still plans to elevate the project.

“I will try the best is can to push it to for this intersection to be on top of the list and that’s my job,” Chu said.

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