B.C. election 2017: Langford Juan de Fuca riding

Redistricted from the Juan de Fuca riding, which was won in the past two elections by current NDP leader John Horgan, who also won in 2005 in what was then called Malahat-Juan de Fuca.

This is a safe NDP seat.

In 2013: Horgan won this riding handily, 53 per cent-30 per cent, by a margin of more than 5,000 votes.

In 2009: John Horgan won this riding for the NDP for the second straight election, defeating BC Liberal Cathy Basskin by nearly 2000 votes, 46-39 per cent.

History & Geography: Known as Malahat-Juan de Fuca when it was created before the 1991 election, the riding comprises the towns of Port Renfrew, Sooke, Langford, and the Highlands. It has gone to the NDP in four of its five elections. The Langford suburbs often support the Liberals, while Sooke and Metchosin are more likely to vote for the NDP.


Liberals – Cathy Noel: Small business owner and charity-event organizer. Race director for the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon and the Victoria Goddess Run, Triathlete and marathon runner.

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NDP – John Horgan: NDP Leader since may 2014, after the party, led by Adrian Dix, was defeated.

Greens- Brendan Ralfs: Now works as a provincial emergency manager for southern Vancouver Island, after more than two decades working as a forest firefighter. Also has worked as an ambulance paramedic.

Libertarian – Scott Burton: The Libertarian party is running 16 candidates, twice as many as in 2013. They have been running candidates in B.C. since 1986, but have never come close to winning a seat.

Vancouver Island Party – Willie Nelson: The Vancouver Island Party is a “single issue” party dedicated to having Vancouver Island secede from B.C. and become a separate province within Confederation. They are running four candidates.

2017 Stats: Langford-Juan de Fuca

Population (2014): 51,782 (62nd)
Population Deviation from Average: -2.5 per cent
Area: 2,447 sq km (26th)
Pop Density: 21.2 (62nd)
Average Age: 39.4 years (60th)
English as Second Language: 8.92 per cent (79th)

Top 3 Second Languages:
German – 1.15 per cent
Panjabi (Punjabi) – 0.77 per cent
Spanish – 0.55 per cent

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