Laurent Duvernay-Tardif: ‘The Most Interesting Man in the NFL,’ a biography

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Foundation launch
WATCH ABOVE: Quebec football superstar Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is the subject of a biography chronicling his remarkable achievements.

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is only 26 years old, a young age to have your biography published.

But the life of the Montreal-born football star is anything but ordinary.

His biography, written by journalist Pierre Cayouette is called The Most Interesting Man in the NFL.

Duvernay-Tardif can inspire some to the point of tears.

“Laurent Duverany Tardif is my idol,” 11-year-old Zachary Morin said after his favourite NFL player signed his book.

Morin believes his idol is in fact the most interesting man in the NFL.

“He’s studying medicine and playing football at the same time. It’s unimaginable. I don’t know how he does it,” Morin said while wiping tears off his face.

“I’m passionate about what I do and when you have a passion for something, you don’t count the hours, you just do it and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last three years,” Duvernay-Tardif explained.

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The Most Interesting Player in the NFL gives insight into his busy schedule as an NFL football player and a last-year med-school student at McGill University.

It walks readers through Duvernay-Tardif’s milestones.

Among them, the two years he spent living with his family on a boat, and how he made what he calls “the most beautiful mistake of his life.”

Duvernay-Tardif missed his admissions test at Laval University, which led him into McGill University’s med school.

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The future doctor also just signed a $41-million contract with the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs.

When he got the call about the deal, he was in Montreal doing his geriatrics rotation.

“Sasha, my agent called me. It was like 10:30 p.m. at night and he was like: Laurent, we have an hour and a half to accept the deal or refuse it. And I was like, ‘Oh my god, oh my god, what is happening?'” Duvernay-Tardif said.

The future doctor asked for the day off to head down to Kansas and sign the deal of a lifetime.

He might have not expected it.

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But those close to the football player say they always knew he’d be successful.

“When he was very young, I was sure that Laurent can be anything he wants and at a point he said, ‘I want to president of the United States.’ He was five years old,” his father, François Tardif said.

The one hiccup preventing him from fulfilling that dream: he was not born an American.

But as a full-fledged Canadian, he’s now accomplishing another dream.

Part of the proceeds of the book will go towards his new foundation.

The Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Foundation encourages youth to lead an active lifestyle and supports those who want to study and be successful at sports, just like he did.

“I would also like to be in the NFL like him. He’s a very admirable person,” Morin said.