Saskatoon axe throwing business the latest in unconventional entertainment

New Saskatoon businesses appealing to adults quest for fun
WATCH ABOVE: A new business is bringing a time-honoured tradition to Saskatoon. An indoor axe-wielding facility is the latest in unconventional leisure activities in the city. Ryan Kessler reports.

Saskatoon’s wannabe lumberjacks now have a place to hurl axes for fun thanks to Timberjaxe Throwing Sports.

The unconventional leisure venue opened earlier this month and is the latest in the city’s growing list of atypical entertainment.

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“We’ve had everyone in here,” Timberjaxe co-owner Tim Abramoff said.

“It’s more a strength thing than age, so we find 10-year-olds do fairly well with the strength and all the way up to seniors,” he said.

Axe throwing businesses have been in Ontario for about a decade, while Alberta has had it for three or four years, according to Abramoff.

Another blade tossing venue, Mick’s Axe Throwing, is scheduled to open in Saskatoon this summer.

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WATCH MORE: Timberjaxe brings axe throwing to Saskatoon

Timberjaxe brings axe throwing to Saskatoon
Timberjaxe brings axe throwing to Saskatoon

The city has seen a recent uptick in quirky and immersive entertainment, including Escape City.

The real life puzzle-solving facility opened last summer and has put people’s communication and teamwork abilities to the test.

“I think it really opens up the conversation to the types of activities that are out there, specifically in Saskatoon,” general manager Brittney Fulton said.

Skeptics might say the new forms of entertainment are just fads.

The novelty draws customers in for an initial visit, but the biggest challenge may be ensuring people come back again, according to associate professor of marketing David Williams at the University of Saskatchewan.

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“There’s always a market for being a new experience, a new thing in town,” Williams said.