Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce looks for balance plan in provincial budget

City of Saskatoon preparing for Wednesday’s federal and provincial budgets
WATCH ABOVE: City of Saskatoon preparing for Wednesday’s federal and provincial budgets.

The most important detail in Wednesday’s provincial budget announcement should be a clear plan to dig out of a reported $1.2 billion deficit, according to the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce’s executive director.

By mid-afternoon Wednesday, Saskatchewan Finance Minister Kevin Doherty will reveal the provincial government’s fiscal blueprint. Premier Brad Wall has already indicated the plan will include a shift to taxes on consumption.

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Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce executive director Kent Smith-Windsor admitted that while “nobody likes to pay taxes,” the government must look for a “tax base that’s got some stability to it.”

Smith-Windsor said a consumption tax would be “far better than depending on things like a property tax, which does distort investment or something like an income tax which reduces the incentive to put effort into your daily life.”

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“If you’re going to have a tax system you want to have it as broad as possible and as low as possible,” Smith-Windsor said Tuesday.

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Saskatchewan’s government isn’t the only one releasing its budget Wednesday afternoon. In Ottawa, Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau will reveal his fiscal plan, which Smith-Windsor also hopes will include a path to balance.

“It’s all about trajectory,” Smith-Windsor said.

“Being able to say we’ve got a target to be out of deficit at a certain time matters a lot in terms of people that are looking at the future costings for public services.”