March 19, 2017 8:14 pm
Updated: March 20, 2017 9:01 am

Twin toddlers’ slumber party caught on nanny cam

WATCH ABOVE: A home monitoring system captured twin toddler boys having an all-night party in their room, climbing out of their cribs, creating pillow forts and having a chat.


It’s either double the fun or double the trouble when you have twins.

For parents Jonathan and Susana Balkin, their twin boys were caught on camera having quite the slumber party instead of sleeping.

“My wife and I just heard a lot of giggling and playing so we were just eavesdropping on them for a little while and we didn’t want to disturb them because they were having so much fun,” Jonathan Balkin told Global News.

The video posted on Balkin’s Facebook page on March 13 has since garnered over 11 million views.

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The Balkins who live in Manhattan have a Nest home monitoring system that is constantly recording. In a time-lapsed version of the video, you can see twins Andrew and Ryan climbing out of their cribs, playing with pillows, going on and off the couch.

According to the Balkins, all the furniture is bolted to the wall and their room is really safe.

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Eventually, it was getting late so the parents decided it was time for the kids to go to bed.

“Right when we cleaned up their room and put them back into the beds, they went right back at it,” Jonathan Balkin said.

He even gave them the regular talk: “Go to bed, go to sleep.”

“I guess they were just pretending to go to bed.”

Hoping to give the little ones more time to drain their energy, they let them have a little more fun.

Near the end of the video, both Susana and Jonathan Balkin came in the room to help settle down the twins.

They even tried to take away the night lights on their cribs.

“They don’t like that, so then they usually settle down. Because once the lights are gone they can’t see anything to play,” Jonathan Balkin said.

This isn’t the first time the pair were playing at the expense of sleep.

The Balkins have at least 10 other videos of the two little gymnasts.

Although the video of their little jumping beans gave the parents quite a laugh, they hope to purchase real toddler beds without any sidings for the twins to climb out of.

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