Arnold Schwarzenegger explains Donald Trump’s tweets: ‘I think he’s in love with me’

Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger
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What does Arnold Schwarzenegger think about U.S. President Donald Trump‘s repeated tweets about his ratings on The New Celebrity Apprentice?

According to the former California governor, there may be some deeper emotions at play. Or at least that’s what the Terminator star jokingly told Michael Smerconish on his satellite radio show on Tuesday, following a discussion on gerrymandering, a legal, yet shady, practice in which the boundaries of an electoral constituency are manipulated for the political gain of a particular candidate.

As the interview was wrapping up, Smerconish told Schwarzenegger he would be “derelict if I didn’t ask. Why do you think the president is fixated on you. Why does he keep talking about you through his Twitter feed?”

“I think he’s in love with me,” said Schwarzenegger with deadpan seriousness.

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“Is that what it is?” asked Smerconish.

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“Yeah, I think so,” said Schwarzenegger, still deadpan.

“You’ve had a long relationship with him,” added Smerconish.

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“Oh yes,” Schwarzenegger said, prompting Smerconish to respond: “That’s all you are saying on that,” which elicited a chuckle from his guest.

“Thank you, Governor,” Smerconish concluded.

“Absolutely!” Schwarzenegger said with a hearty laugh.

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