By the numbers: Alberta couple on what it takes to raise identical quadruplets

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WATCH ABOVE: Alberta couple Bethani and Tim Webb describe an average day as parents of identical quadruplets – Mar 7, 2017

Tim and Bethani Webb consider themselves lottery winners. Last May, the northern Alberta couple welcomed identical quadruplets into the world; an opportunity akin to winning the jackpot.

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There are no multiples on either side of the family and the couple conceived naturally.

The girls are now nine months old — teething, giggling and keeping their parents, grandmother and a whole host of volunteers hopping every day.

Global News visited their home five hours north of Edmonton in Hythe, Alta. to get a glimpse into a day in their life.

30 diapers a day

At nine months old, the teething quadruplets are going through even more diapers than usual. On an average day, Bethani says they use between 25 and 30 diapers — the equivalent of a small package of disposable diapers. She and her mother-in-law Deme handle most of the dirty ones because Tim gags simply at the smell!

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1 tin of formula every 1.5 days

The girls drink a 900-gram tin of formula in a day-and-a-half. Now that they’re older they’re also eating solid food. Some of the solids they’ve tried so far include sweet potato, bananas, squash, carrots, peas and apples.

10 loads of laundry per week

Any parent knows newborns and toddlers are skilled at getting their sleepers and outfits dirty. Between baby and adult clothes, face cloths, towels and blankets, the Webbs load their washing machine about 10 times a week.

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$50,000 raised at community fundraiser

The community of Hythe, Alta. has rallied together to support the Webb family. Volunteers visit every week to help care for the babies and a local fundraiser helped the Webbs purchase a van to accommodate their growing family.

They still receive random generous donations from all over the world. Just a few weeks ago, a clerk at their grocery store notified them that someone from Costa Rica had called to cover the cost of seven boxes of diapers for the family.

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Watch below: Between feeding, changing diapers and tidying up, a new parent’s work is never done. Now imagine multiplying those constant demands by four. That’s just an average day in the life of Tim and Bethani Webb. Laurel Gregory has more. 

Click to play video 'What does it take to raise identical quadruplets? Alberta couple explains' What does it take to raise identical quadruplets? Alberta couple explains
What does it take to raise identical quadruplets? Alberta couple explains – Mar 7, 2017

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“A big thank you because now, instead of buying diapers, I can put that money towards pablum,” Tim said with a smile. “So you’re essentially helping the girls grow.

“A big thank you and that goes for the community too. A big thank you. We couldn’t do it without.”

Bethani and Tim Webb play with their identical quadruplet daughters. Laurel Gregory/Global News
The quadruplets wake up at 7:30 a.m, nap twice a day and go to sleep 12 hours later. Laurel Gregory/Global News
The identical quadruplets are nine months old and range in weight between 14 and 16 lbs. Laurel Gregory/Global News
Sisters Emily and Mckayla Webb. Laurel Gregory/Global News
The new parents live with Tim Webb's mother Deme, who helps care for the girls every day. Laurel Gregory/Global News
Leslie Knight/ Global News
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Bethani and Tim Webb with daughters Abigail, Mckayla, Emily and Grace. Leslie Knight/Global News
It's all hands on deck for bedtime bottle feedings. Leslie Knight/Global News
The quadruplets eat solid food at meal time. Leslie Knight/Global News
Tim Webb believes it's easier to look after four happy babies than one baby with colic.

Watch below: After catching up with Tim and Bethani Webb and their nine-month-old quadruplets, Laurel Gregory found out how unique their family is.

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How unique is it to have identical quadruplets? – Mar 9, 2017