Winter season in Regina was warm and dry

Arvind Sangalad captured a snowy day in Wascana Park. Arvind Sangalad/Submitted

Looking back on the three coldest months of the year shows Regina was slightly warmer and drier than normal.

The meteorological winter season runs from December, January and February. The average temperature this season was -12 degrees Celsius, that’s only 0.9 degrees above the climate normal and 4.4 degrees below last year’s average. The winter of 2015/2016 was the second warmest in history, roughly two degrees behind the record set 86 years ago.

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The range between the highest and lowest recorded temperatures was 32 degrees in December, 43 degrees in January and 38 degrees in February.

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Precipitation was lower than average for each month however, both fall and winter ended with fairly average snowfall totals.

Below are the monthly snowfall totals according to volunteer collection sites across Regina, starting in October when the city saw it’s first snowfall:

  • October: 15 cm (average: 7 cm)
  • November: 6 cm (average: 13 cm)
  • December: 18 cm (average: 20 cm)
  • January: 15 cm (average: 19 cm)
  • February: 19 cm (average: 11 cm)
  • Total: 68-73 cm (average: 70 cm)

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The coldest temperature that Regina dipped to this winter was -35 degrees on January 11th, and the wind chill it felt like -48. The mercury dropped below -30 C nine times in the city this winter season.

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On the other side of the spectrum, Regina warmed up to 8 C on February 16th, breaking a daytime high record and marking the warmest day this winter. The city saw temperatures above freezing nine days over the past three months.

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