Top spots in Edmonton where you’ll get a photo radar ticket

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Top photo radar spots in Edmonton
WATCH: Through a Freedom of Information request, Global News has found out where you're most likely to get a photo radar ticket in Edmonton. Julia Wong has the highlights – Jan 20, 2017

Have you ever received a photo radar ticket?

The program in Edmonton is controversial, and now Global News has learned the top spots in the city where you are most likely to get caught.

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The information, obtained through a Freedom of Information request, outlines the intersection closest to the photo radar location.

(Graphics credit: Tonia Huynh, Global News)

The top three places in Edmonton for photo radar tickets.

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Robin Willford lives in the area of 156 Street and 94 Avenue and said he’s received tickets from the top radar location.

“You come around [the corner] and you’re just not paying attention,” he said.

“When it first came out, I actually got four [tickets] coming down that road. I got one every day for four days. Showed up in the mail, showed up in the mail, showed up in the mail – then I figured out there was photo radar.”

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As a whole, the number of tickets for the top 10 locations is actually down over the last couple of years, which Gerry Shimko, the executive director for City of Edmonton Traffic Safety, said can be attributed to a couple things.

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“Part and parcel is the ongoing education of drivers. Over time, people will experience, potentially, a number of tickets and there’s a different decision on how they want to drive in the future,” he said.

The hot spots on the list include several locations around the Henday and Yellowhead Trail.

“Those traditionally have a very, very high volume of traffic in the tens of thousands of vehicles,” Shimko said.

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Several locations on 82 Avenue have seen a dramatic drop in tickets over the last three years.

“As you travel on Whyte Avenue, now from 99 Street to basically 83 Street, where we have low compliance prior, you’re going to see the addition of 50 km/h signs even though it’s unposted. As well, in both directions, you see driver feedback signs to again advise drivers of their speed in real time,” Shimko said.

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He said the addition of signs is what the city can do now without major changes.

“There’s always, in the future, should we look at redesigning this? We could potentially make some infrastructure changes, which are extremely expensive, but there’s a whole priority of other locations as well that we would need to take into consideration.”

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