Big pothole in Richmond leads to flat tires for many drivers

Click to play video: 'Cold, snow and ice damaging roads' Cold, snow and ice damaging roads
WATCH: The recent cold, snow, and ice are contributing to the formation of potholes in a number of cities, catching drivers by surprise and in some cases causing serious damage. Grace Ke reports – Jan 18, 2017

Some drivers will be making repairs to their cars this morning after hitting a big pothole in Richmond last night.

The pothole opened up in the northbound lanes of Knight Street, not far from the Westminster Highway.

It was estimated at about a metre-and-a-half long.

There were reports more than a dozen vehicles were pulled over last night in the area after being damaged by the pothole.

Many of them had to change flat tires.

“We drove over a pothole and now both of our tires are gone,” said one driver. “Flat tires. It happened to 10 people and we’ve been waiting two hours now for a tow truck.”

It appears the pothole has now been filled in.


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