Regina experimenting with wet sand mix on icy streets

City of Saskatoon officials say street sanding service was not interrupted on Tuesday, after roughly half of its fleet suffered breakdowns days earlier.
The City of Regina is experimenting with a wet sand mix to deal with icy streets. File / Global News

The City of Regina is trying out a new method to help melt icy roads this season.

Currently, when city streets get messy the plow trucks will push snow away, but that could also remove road salt.

Regina’s city works department is trying a new solution.

One sand truck is outfitted to use a wet sand mixture. There’s a device fitted in the truck box that can wet the sand before it hits the pavement.

Norman Kyle, the city’s director of roadways and transportation, said the mixture is more effective as it sticks to the pavement.

“Generally you use about 30 per cent less material because it’s staying on the road and it’s not getting sprayed off to the sides and the boulevards,” Kyle said.

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City officials said they will look at expanding the fleet depending on results from the pilot project.

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