Warming trend on the way for Lower Mainland

Warming trend on the way for Lower Mainland - image
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After battling through snow and ice for much of December, it appears the Lower Mainland may finally be on course for a warming trend.

“It’s going to be warmer this week, but just back to seasonal,” said Global BC meteorologist Michael Kuss. “Highs of 6 C sound pretty good compared to the last few weeks but that’s about average for Vancouver this time of year.”

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But Kuss says we are not out of the woods yet when it comes to snow this month. He says we could still see flurries on New Year’s Eve or Day.

“The Jet Stream is going to be more zonal, which means more west to east through B.C. as opposed to tracking way south,” he said. “The Jet Stream is a strong river of wind in the upper atmosphere that divides the warm air and cold air. The weather systems travel along the Jet Stream. The Jet will be north of the Lower Mainland, putting the area in the warmer sector of air.”

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Kuss says we could be seeing temperature highs of 5 to 7 C, with lows in the 1-3 C territory.

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