Star Wars fan film ‘Rogue Bounty’ to shoot in Saskatoon if funding goal reached

Click to play video: 'Star Wars fan film ‘Rogue Bounty’ to shoot in Saskatoon if funding goal reached' Star Wars fan film ‘Rogue Bounty’ to shoot in Saskatoon if funding goal reached
WATCH ABOVE: A crowdfunding drive is underway in the hopes of making a Star Wars tribute film. Ryan Kessler meets the local filmmakers behind Rogue Bounty, a 120 minute science fiction non-profit project – Dec 20, 2016

The Saskatchewan prairie could soon be the scene of the next Star Wars movie if a Saskatoon man’s crowdfunding effort is successful.

Chris Fischer is the director of Rogue Bounty: a Star Wars Fan Film, which is intended to be a high-quality science fiction 120-minute movie.

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“I believe that it will be a significant undertaking, but I’ve dealt with smaller projects before and I’m just going to take it piece by piece,” said Fischer, who has worked as a comic book artist, writer and short filmmaker.

The story takes place around the same time as the recently-released Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and 1977’s Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. In Fischer’s story, a lone bounty hunter comes upon a town with multiple factions at war.

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Fischer wants to augment the prairie backdrop with special effects to “showcase Saskatchewan in a way.”

A recently relaunched Indiegogo campaign seeks $5,000 for the project. Fan art and memorabilia will be given to people who donate.

Advances in technology allow fan films to be made at remarkably low costs, Fischer said.

There are seven crew members currently working on Rogue Bounty. The movie is expected to require six actors and an additional five to 12 extras.

His wife, Jamie Fischer, will design costumes for the movie.

“Costume making can be done for pretty cheap and that’s the fun and challenging part about costume making – is that you have to find random objects and repurpose them,” she said.

Shooting is scheduled for March 8 to April 23.

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