Star Wars stormtrooper doesn’t make the cut in police recruitment video

Click to play video: 'Texas police force creates ‘Star Wars’ parody recruitment video' Texas police force creates ‘Star Wars’ parody recruitment video
The Fort Worth Police Department recruitment video has a Stormtrooper attempting to pass his firearms exam – Dec 3, 2016

The infamous aim of a Stormtrooper isn’t good enough for the police department in Fort Worth, Tex., if their latest recruitment video is to be believed.

In the video, posted Friday, an instructor tries to teach a soldier from the Star Wars’ Galactic Empire to shoot straight.

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“Stop jerking the trigger,” he says, despairingly, before showing off and shooting the target with impressive accuracy.

He then gives the stormtrooper another chance, but as the internet knows, the trooper’s notoriously bad aim means he doesn’t make the shot until he’s mere metres away from the target.

Needless to say, he didn’t make the cut.

The video then asks anyone who thinks they can do better than a Stormtrooper to contact the Fort Worth Police Department to sign up.

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The video was viewed over nine million times in under 24 hours.

It’s not the first time that the Fort Worth police have rejected a Star Wars character in this way. Last year, police released a video of Darth Vader having a job interview.

You can find other parody videos on their YouTube page here.

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